Designing a marketplace in your pocket in one day

Designing a marketplace in your pocket in one day

Peddle is a localized digital marketplace to make buying and selling quality used goods simple. With a tool like this, shopping can be cost effective and better for the environment.

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Context & Discovery

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Every time I've moved into a new apartment, especially in NYC, I've relied on Facebook Marketplace, stopping or purchasing items from friends to buy and sell items to furnish my space. I love these methods of purchasing second hand, but during my last move, I struggled with the Facebook Marketplace experience. Users are surfaced ads, misleading postings, a lack of legitimate responses on postings, a focus on shipped items etc. We live in an age where thrifting has become the preference and used goods are highly sought out for the cost and environmental effects, so I set out to design a focused localized marketplace app to improve the seller and shopper experience.

These designs are a result of a rapid design challenge where I had 8 hours to design and present my concept.


In one day, how might I design a marketplace app that makes buying and selling local used goods as simple and focused as possible?


Peddle is a digital local marketplace to sell and exchange used goods. To enhance the marketplace shopping experience for trustworthy & easy postings, I designed features like "pick up now" which filters items for rapid pickup, visibility of possible pickup times and estimation of walk, drive and public transit to the pickup location.

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Research & Preparation

Before the one day design & prototyping process, I began preparing my concept, asking myself questions and considering different app idea options. After landing on a local marketplace app, I began to lightly research existing options and note frustrations and opportunities for improvement.

Designed in 1 dayResults & Learnings / Evaluation

Our design challenge day kicked off with a short presentation of our initial ideas and we were off to the races! Throughout the day I worked in Figma and relied heavily on the Figma Mirror app to test the experience on my phone. Although I had very little time, I invested the first hour of my work day into branding, the second hour into creating as much of a functional design system as possible in order to make changes quickly and avoid the busy work so I could focus on innovating and improving my prototype. The rest of the day I designed and redesigned screens until I was as satisfied as I could be with the flow.

Branding Process

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Results & Learnings / Evaluation

This process really challenged my sense of perfectionism because I had to know when to simplify a concept or let go of imperfections for time's sake. I really enjoyed the challenge and I think it helped me get out of my head a bit more than I generally allow for myself.

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